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Adelphi University Songs

Our alma mater.

The Official University Anthem

Our Alma Mater true, we sing in loyalty;
The glory of thy name shall e’er resound
With honor, love and hope that we have found
“The Truth shall make us free.”
As we go on our way
Adelphi live forever!
The Brown and Gold for aye!

Hail to Adelphi

The Official University Anthem from 1906 to 1920
Words by Neva Haight, Class of 1906

Hail to Adelphi! Hail! Our college home!
Our thoughts return to thee when e’er we roam.
What ever fate befalls us in our pathway here
Bright shall thy memories be, Adelphi dear.
While we are in thy halls faithful we’ll be,
And all through like we’ll go, still true to be,
Deep in each students heart is graved Adelphi’s name.
So let us spread abroad Adelphi’s fame.
Thy praise shall others sing we are dust.
Thy fame shall stand secure in love and trust,
To thee we bring our hopes of glory and renown,
Twining our laurels in thy fadeless crown.

Adelphi University Fight Song

Words by Patricia Wilson Sylvester, Class of 1950

Here’s to Adelphi, our players we’ll hail.
Cheers to Adelphi, our team will not fail!
We will support you, we’re loyal, strong and true.
Come on Fight!, Fight!, Fight!,
and we’ll Win!, Win!, Win!, for Adelphi U.

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