About Adelphi


Adelphi University Traditions

Reflections of Adelphi University’s history of pride and spirit.

Tradition is an important part of the Adelphi experience, and learning our traditions is an important way for new students to become a part of the Adelphi Community.

Seal and Motto

Marking the changes over the years, Adelphi’s seal carries the indelible stamp of its history.

» Learn about Adelphi’s seal and motto

Building Honorees

Adelphi honors some of the men and women whose contributions have been the building blocks of the University.

» Browse our building namesakes

University Songs

The top tunes of Adelphi hit all the right notes. Learn the words to the official anthem and fight song.

» Learn the songs of Adelphi

Mascot and Emblem

First proposed by an Adelphi freshman, the sleek Panther charges ahead with swift determination.

» Learn about our panther pride

Colors and Other Traditions

Brown and gold are the official colors, but each school/college and undergraduate class sports shades of a different hue.

» View our school colors 

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