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Mission Statement

Adelphi University comprises a small liberal arts college and a cluster of professional schools that have grown up in close relationship to the needs of the region. Our mission is to provide quality undergraduate and graduate education and to offer professional preparation of the first rank in arts, education, business, clinical psychology, social work, nursing and other health sciences.

The University prepares a broad spectrum of graduates and undergraduates for a wide range of life pursuits while fostering a passion for knowledge; an understanding and a questioning of cultural values; and a view of themselves as independent, lifelong learners, and contributors to knowledge and service in an ever-changing world.

Adelphi University is committed to providing a high-quality education for all of its students: for undergraduates and graduates, for those coming directly from high schools, and for those who transfer from community and other colleges, for those studying the liberal arts and sciences, for those pursuing specific career preparations in the professional schools, and for those nontraditional students seeking access to higher levels of learning.

Recognizing the interrelatedness of worldwide political, scientific, and cultural life, Adelphi University is committed to sustaining and improving its ethnic, social, and geographic diversity, and curricula that reflect global awareness. Thus, Adelphi recruits students not only from Long Island and the greater metropolitan New York area, but nationally and internationally as well. Adelphi also seeks to attract an outstanding faculty, committed to teaching excellence, scholarly inquiry and artistic achievement, and public service, from all parts of the United States and from abroad.

Adelphi believes in the broad development of students necessary to their serving as effective and enlightened persons in society. In addition, therefore, to its traditional emphasis on teaching and research, Adelphi supports the growth of students outside the classroom by offering a wide range of cultural and artistic programs, and leadership and participatory opportunities in athletics and recreational programs; in internships, public and community service; and in student government.


Adelphi University will be the leading private university in the region for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty who value excellence in teaching, learning, research, scholarship, creative activity, and service to one’s community. The University will be known for the competence of its graduates, its strong programs and interdisciplinary orientation, its welcoming of the community onto the campus, and its impact on the broader society through educational, economic, intellectual and cultural initiatives.

Adelphi University is a place where:

  • Exciting and challenging teaching, the high quality of libraries, laboratories, and technology, and the individual attention given to students, lead to high levels of student learning and rates of graduation, and to accomplished and high achieving graduates.
  • Students are known by name and know the faculty by name; students learn in safe, beautiful, and inspiring settings; highly accomplished alumni assist current students; campus organizations, the arts, sports, internships and volunteer service off-campus contribute to student learning and development.
  • Faculty are active scholars, artists, and practitioners; curricula are both grounded in the disciplines and interdisciplinary; and excellence is assured through continuing evaluation.
  • Personal achievement is measured at least as much in terms of ethics, character and good citizenship as in terms of financial success or material gain.
  • Members of the wider Adelphi community find intellectual and cultural stimulation; and students from all parts of the world, and of all backgrounds and ages, find intellectual stimulation and engagement in the world of ideas.
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